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I am on the side of the UK.'Ms Stuart took aim again after Mr Campbell accused her of being 'in bed with' Mr Farage, saying he was setting up 'straw men' and pointing out the MEP had not been involved with Vote Leave.'Stop talking about Nigel Farage,' she said.Women are being forced out of careers in science and engineering, not because they can’t juggle babies and Bunsen burners, but because they’re discouraged at every turn by thousands of small, sexist moments that make them feel unwelcome and unworthy.'When Mr Campbell said they 'totally disagree', Ms Stuart jibed: 'You don't want the best deal.'Mr Campbell replied: 'I could give them (the government) some advice about how to get a good deal.

Many people still buy into the theory that most women forgo a career in STEM because they can’t, or won’t, juggle home and work.The Canadian Hall of Fame appears to have zero, and when asked if it could confirm whether any of its members were people of colour, spokesman Olivier Bouffard said: “Who is white?How far back does someone need to go to be considered not white?But step back and examine the landscape through a wider lens and you will see national enrolment is only 19 per cent on average, and that just 12 per cent of the country’s 280,000 professional engineers are women.Even if they do get a job, the number of women in leadership roles is just as low.

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Williams, a distinguished professor of law at the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law and co-author of the January report called “Double jeopardy.” “That’s a pretty strong statement considering how hard it is to be a top woman in other fields.” Of the women she and two colleagues surveyed, 34 per cent felt pressure to take on dead-end “feminine” roles like scheduling meetings and fetching coffee, and “Women walk a tightrope.

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